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Chestertown, Brant Lake, Pottersville, Adirondack, NY

The Tri-Lakes Community Alliance is devoted to supporting a thriving quality of life and culture in the North Warren community.  The Alliance is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization of volunteers in the towns of Chester and Horicon working together. Meetings are held every 2nd Friday of the month at 9am at The Panther Mountain Inn.

There are only two rules:

  1. Meetings last for only 1 hour
  2. Only 1 person speaks at a time

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The Tri-Lakes Alliance is made up of your North Warren neighborhood business owners, families and local citizens.

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Browse our list of annual events for four seasons of family fun and activities for all ages!

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Latest News

Minutes | November 10, 2023

TLCA Meeting Minutes 11/10/2023

*Winter Carnival: February 17th – More help is needed, both beforehand at organizational meetings (very short – held 9am at Jimbos) and the day of…..anyone that can help out please contact Brandon Himoff.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade: March 16th – again, volunteers are needed and your help would be greatly appreciated! Contact Christine at [email protected]. Also need some ideas for funding the parade!

*An Adirondack Woof Stock & Woodstock Revisited on the Mill Pond: Weekend of June 8-9 so Save The Date!

*Chestertown’s 225th anniversary next summer and would like all organizations to do some sort of event on July 6th for a giant town celebration!  Contact Bernie McCann at the Historical Society for more info and to help out!

* Randy has applied for a TLCA credit card as some municipals are asking for receipts from a business card as opposed to personal cards that have been reimbursed.

*Chamber of Commerce:  The sign in front of the Chamber is broken. Cost of 10K – 12K to replace it. We feel it is a welcome addition to our town and would like to work with other organizations to get it replaced (Rotary, Chamber, Towns, etc.)
               Chamber is also asking for monies from Warren County for increased signage in towns of Chester, Horicon and Johnsburg for local businesses.

*In lieu of The Taste of Tri-Lakes we usually have in December (Rotary has asked to take this over), the TLCA is in need of a fund raiser as this was the only event we organized that actually raised money for the Alliance. With this in mind, we were looking for a fall event to possibly incorporate a Taste of the Tri-Lakes into and will be having a

*FLANNEL FESTIVAL on the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend (with a Sunday rain date) around the pond in Brant Lake. Drew will chair the event, Don Butler & Cindy Mead have volunteered to be on the committee and anyone else interested in helping out  please let us know!!!

Woof Stock: June 8th & 9th. Save the Date!

Minutes | June 9, 2023

*An Adirondack Woof Stock:  Great weekend – everyone in attendance had a grin on their face, including the dogs, and our volunteers and committee members were excellent! Numbers were a bit off this year, it was raining in Glens Falls, Albany & North Creek, but not in Chestertown, so that  could have contributed to the low attendance but we’re making plans for next year and will get the date out as soon as it’s decided!

*Woodstock Revisited on the Mill Pond:  Again, a fun night and great success… low numbers compared to past years but fun for locals and visitors alike and a good shoulder event for our area!

*Town Banners:  Up and looking good! If you missed the original order, contact Garnet signs directly to get yours designed and given to the appropriate Town for hanging.

*Chestertown Farmer’s Market:  Opening Day June 14th with a full field!!!! Runs through Mid-Sept. from 10AM – 2PM every Wednesday! Some new vendors and most of our old, so make sure you stop by! Also have a salad vendor and Vashti’s Kitchen (Caribbean ) for lunch specials as well as Moby Dick, High Noon, Oleyoke Donuts and Dickensen’s crepes so  hope to see you there!

*Car Hops & Octoberfest:  There has been interest in both of these events but we need others to step up and take the lead…. Restaurants and local businesses would benefit from either of these events and the TLCA would be willing to help, possibly along with the Chamber of Commerce, but it’s time for others to get involved.  German food, beer and bands at all establishments on a fall weekend would be great, so anyone willing to Chair and organize a committee, etc…. let us know

* Rotary Cornhole Social: Saturday June 17, 1am to 4PM at the Conservation Club on Knapp Hill. $20 Adult, Age 7-15: $5

*Chestertown Historical Society: All events are held at the Chester Town Hall. They also have a new website at Historical Society of the Town of Chester, NY (chesterhistory.com)  where you can keep up with their events. The museum is open 10AM – 2PM on Wednesdays (same times as Farmer’s Market!) or by appointment.
               June 15: Don Cooper slideshow of Its Sumi’s exhibit. 7PM. He’ll be telling about people identified in the photos and pdf files will be available for the public. THIS EXHIBIT IS COMING DOWN SOON so if you haven’t seen it, make sure you stop by! You can also Google “NYS Digital Heritage” for all sorts of historical documents and photos@
               July 19: Lecture on the Underground Railroad
               August 16: Presentation on Haunted Saratoga
               Sept. 12: Paul Stillman – Presentation on Nasty Ned in the Adirondacks

* Scott Remington Golf Tournament:  July 29th – A great event for a great cause that donates all funds to the Christopher Reeves Foundation for curing spinal cord injury, if you can volunteer, sponsor, donate or play with a team, contact Christine or Scott at 518-494-7740.

*First Wilderness: Group is updating Town Maps for the Heritage Corridor and wanted people to know there are numerous professional positions open at the County level if interested as well as positions in the DPW. First Wilderness
Next Meeting Friday, July 14, 2023 –  9:00 a.m. at Panther Mt. Inn
We only have two rules:  Meetings last 1 hr.  Only 1 person speaks at a time.